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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Leaders of TeamUNITY

The Captain and the Leaders work diligently to support team members and work to keep the team productive. 

                 Captain - Barbra of
                                              Barbra makes bead embroidered jewelry

    Anita of 

                                                   Anita makes beautiful mosaic pieces-
Holly' s husband, Brent does wood carvings of whimsical characters.

           Dan does the carving of some beautiful pieces and Debbie does the painting.
Hema makes beautiful jewelry
Jo makes polymer clay jewelry and baptism favors.
Laura crochets teething necklaces and scarves
Liping makes tablet case covers

New Members to TeamUNITY this week

Miss D joined us to learn Social Media and has shown much enthusiasm to learn. She  has some beautiful art pieces. Check out her shop

This is what she has to say about herself
I have been drawing since i was a little girl - the smell of new paper and pencils for school was always exciting. I did a Diploma in Art where I caught the illustration bug.
The drama and contrast of Black and White has always been a focus of mine.
So now I make big beautiful pictures and turn them into gorgeous little cards.

Another new member is Karen Blevins who came to us with 3 shops. They are

In this shop Karen has some unique primitive dolls .

From her About page
My main ♥Love♥ is different mediums of arts and crafts. I enjoy making dolls, crafts, altered art and paintings. Please come in and check out my Unique Folk Art Dolls and Whimsy Creations, created and handmade by me, Karen E. Blevins

Her second shop is  CackaLacky's Closet

CackaLacky's Closet is all about sharing those COLLECTED Treasures, supplies, old books, and MORE than likely things you never heard of!! A lot of my collected finds are usually used for primitive, folk art and whimsy crafts, make do's, sewing anything CRAFT!! I'm sure once you search my shop, you will see ALL KINDS OF TREASURES and even CLEARANCE handmade items I make and clean out from my other etsy shop! FosterChild Whimsy Etsy Shop:

And finally her third shop is  WitchIsWhy

WitchIsWhy... My ALL Witch DoLL * FaLL-O-Ween * Halloween Themed Shop! ♥ handmade by me ... whimsy, primitive and simple witch dolls and Fall-Halloween themed handmades ♥ Most will be OOAK (One Of A Kind) and created by LiL Ole Me...My witch name is the GRUNGY Nora Louseswizzler - I give you germs and like to eat from dustbins! I have hair like a bird's nest! HaHa Just Having Fun OR am I?

Winner of Most Active Member of the week 11/15/14

Today I want to feature the winner of the Most Active Member of the Week. It is Don Bauman of Don  makes beautiful woodcrafted items . Check out their shop.

This is from Don's about page.
I was introduced to the lathe and tried my hand at a few wine bottle stoppers and was hooked. I started making pens and things progressed from there. I find turning beautiful wood relaxing and creative.

The first step in crafting quality wood goods is choosing the material. I craft my products from beautiful wood from all over the world which makes it interesting. Every piece is one-of-a-kind. I use different finishes such as the CA finish, friction polish or oil finish.
I use attractive and durable hardware in stainless steel, antique brass, rose gold, gun metal, and chrome.Posted by Barbra Alan at 3:43 AM No comments:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Learn how to make this!!!!


1. Cut the wire approx. 7-8 cm

2. Form little eyelet

3 Take a piece of Cold Porcelain , and color it with oil paint. Dont take too much color as after porcelain dries, the color gets more intense so be careful

4 Now we are going to make the inner part of the flower
Take small ball of the porcelain , add some glue to the wire and put the ball onto the wire ( eyelet) , form a little teardrop with your fingers like it is shown on the pic 5
6,7 Cut the teardrop into 4 parts . Repeat with all the wires and let them dry
8 Now take a bigger ball of the violet color - this will be a flower
9 Form a teardrop

10 Cut it into 4 parts

11 Look at the picture and roll from side to side , the stick on the porcelain so it can form a petal , Do it with all 4 parts ( petals)

12 Use another ( round) side of the stick and easily force in each petal so it can look like a real syringa petal
13 this should be your result)

14 Put the wire with yellow part into the lilac flower ( add some glue)

15 Press it into the flower and form the flower with the help of your fingers.

Thus, made all the flowers and let them dry

to be continued

Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to make Polimer clay and cold porcelain syringa!

Hi everyone
As you already know ( I hope you do lol) I make flowers from polimer clay and cold porcelain syringa. It is a very interesting material that helps to create realistic flowers and it inspires me every day for something new and exciting to make.
One day I decided - why not to share some my knowledge with you my dear friends of TEAMUNITY :) and I want to prepare a pictured lesson for you of how to make a syringa brooch.
Hair fascinator looks like this

Maybe some of you will like the technique , the material and will try to make it yourself!

So, all we need to make it is the following

Cold porcelain ( I use modern clay, or thai clay)
tape ( here in Russia I buy it in a florists shops)
taped wire ( 28-30 size)
glue PVA
3 tones of oil paint- magenta ( purple or violet), yellow and green
2 clean brushes ( forgot to picture them, just use ordinary synthetic brushes you kids may use for painting)
brooch base
patience and time))

tomorrow I will give pictured lesson about syringa brooch


Saturday, March 29, 2014

We changed our name today to show the unity of our team family to TeamUNITY. Our team is a group of wonderful folks on Etsy that uses Social Media to promote and support each other. We also give moral support to each other when circumstances are not kind. Our team is an amazing group of wonderful people. Stop by and check out the shops on our team. We have some beautiful ones.


BJ's Wearable Art

Today' featured shop is BJ's Wearable Art at where every bead is sewn on by hand carefully and with love. They can make adjustments to the length of any necklace on request. They can do custom orders to create something just for you to your specifications. You will be involved in the whole process with pictures for your approval as the piece progresses. Visit their shop !

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