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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another new member this week is Phyllis of Visions Of Olde

This is what she has to say about herself.

 I love vintage anything, but I have a special Love for Vintage Jewelry. 
This is my story...
When I was a child I would sit for hours and look into my mother's jewelry box. She had shiny bracelets and necklaces made of plastic and rhinestones. And what are now collectible very collectible. I would try them on and dance around in her shoes and hats. Oh how I loved playing dress up! 

Through my adult years I collected a few nice pieces of vintage jewelry. But this last 25 years collecting has become an obsession! I have a personal collection; a vintage store here on Etsy (Visions of Olde); A clearance vintage shop on Etsy, and I sell vintage jewelry at Art and Crafts Shows and Festivals. My Etsy store is designed to share some of my finds. I want them to have good homes with people who will appreciate them. 

I also make handmade jewelry from broken and discarded Vintage Jewelry Parts.
It's all about the process!! My process includes salvaging vintage jewelry parts and found objects. Processing them includes cleaning them up, polishing them, grinding the grit out, painting, sanding the rough areas, drilling holes, soldering, gluing. applying wax or Mod Podge, cutting out pics or designs, pounding with objects and tons of others things to make the "Charm" look charming!! Love every minute of it!!

All of my Vintage jewelry in great shape and wearable. I know you will love the pieces I am offering. So Come in take your shoes off, sit a minute and have a cup of coffee...And Enjoy! (My Vintage Shop) (My Supplies Shop)

Here is a sample of her shop

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  1. Welcome Phyllis, visited your shop too. Dangerous for me considering it is the holidays and I am weak. LoL